Saturday, May 26, 2012

After adding SUNWxwrtl package (file not found)

I checked the SUNWxwrtl package in Sol 8. 
pkginfo | grep -i SUNWxwrtl 
system SUNWxwrtl X Window System & Graphics Runtime Library Links in /usr/lib 
But I don't see the at /usr/lib. 
Is this package corrupt? 
Need I another package to install? 

if you have this package check please what are the files in with command 
pkgchk -l SUNWxwrtl 

I checked this package on Sol 8 Companion CD. The package SFWxpm includes only
The package xpm.3.4k.SPARC.32bit.Solaris.8pkg.tgz includes 
But I don't know. 
How must I install that right? 
Floppy,CD, which command?
First unzip the package: gzip -d package.pkg.tgz 
Then untar it: tar xvf package pkg.tar 
After this check if you have produced by tar file (pkg) or directory and see for some README file, read it and install with command 

On your Sol8 system use "pkgchk -l SUNWxwrtl" to see the contents of this installed package. This library is not there. 

The package SFWxpm is the one that includes A note of caution: installing SFWxpm is going to place libXpm at /opt/sfw/lib/ and not in /usr/lib. So, once you get this package added, you either need to create your own sym link to it from /usr/lib or else modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /opt/sfw/lib. Check the applicable binaries with /usr/bin/ldd *before* you get into editing LD_LIBRARY_PATH as they might be built knowing to look in /opt/sfw/lib on their own.  
pkgadd -d package.pkg 


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