Thursday, May 24, 2012

Installing Solaris 10 without cdrom

Hi All, 
I Need to install Solaris 10 in V440 Server. but I don't have a cdrom with me. but I have a flar image for the same. Actual problem is DVD drive in my server is faulted. Can Any one help me to install a solaris with out cdrom....

well w/o knowing your network and setup, i can suggest: 
a) take DVD drive from other box and use it (requires downtime of other 
box which has DVD) 
b) build install server, and boot/install box from net 
c) put disk into another V440 and make installation there, then put back 
disk into original V440 (requires downtime for other box) 

If there is currently an OS on the system and it's bootable, you can also 
download the ISO image on the booted system, and use liveupgrade (assuming 
you have disk space or mirrors you can split) to install Solaris 10. 

hallo for me according to the knowledge that i have its possible but u need to be connected online first .download that ISO image online then after that u start to install for the following command 
mkdir ISO 
mkdir   /mnt/ISO 
# lofiadm -a /ISO/ srss -3.1.iso note here in order u have a mashines which called thin client u supporse to have setup in order to connect thin client to the server that setup is called srss 3.1 0r srss 4.1 
after that 
mount  -F  hsfs /dev/lofi/i/mnt/ISO 
cd /mnt/ISO 
. /utinstall here u start to install ua solaris 10 to your mashines 
then after that the mashines its reboot itself then 
cd /opt/SunWut /sbin/ 

follow that solution it will help you to solve the problem that u have but remember u have to be aware with the linux  its willl so simple for you
You might build a jumpstart or JET server within another box, connected to the same network, that has about 10G free (needed to house the DVD, patches, extra pkgs you might need to install). There is a lot of documentation on to help you with this. 

When you're done, you'll probably want to use that to build all future servers from that image and configure WANBOOT, in the event your OS disk gets hosed on another box. It will be a good use of about 4 hours to prepare for that first build. Eventually, you'll build a FLAR image for each machine platform, or each server, to quickly rebuild the OS, in the event of a catastrophe. We used those images for disaster recovery testing, to make a good case for doing the same across the enterprise.

IN such situation ,you can use the jumpstart installation procedure. 
First create the boot install server and edit the file /etc/ether for the Mac address of the installation server . 
Then boot the your installation server with boot net - command. 
It will ask normal question like after booting through the cdrom and select the flar installation in this. 


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