Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prerequisites for patching In critical environment


Can someone tell me the steps how to do patching in solaris when I am 
working in critical environment. how to take the full backup of the 2nd disk 
and how to boot from that disk in case problem Occur. 

Sun support (1-800-usa-4sun) can provide any assistance you need, but you 
really should find a qualified Solaris administrator to help you/your 
company with this. 

I agree with Mr. Pavey. Sun can provide support, but you need an admin. You should have access to a qualified SysAdmin anyway. If this is a mission critical system, and it is not mirrored, etc. Your system is running on the edge. You are taking the right steps, as you recognize there is a potental for system failure. At a minimum, I would hire a consultant for a few days to come in and create a run book for you.


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