Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Routing Table

how to set default rout for the system?how to modify routing table in solaris 10?

step1:create defaultrouter file under /etc directory. 
step2: edit this file like--vi /etc/defaultrouter 
and mention the gateway ip address. 
step3typr the command route add <>
create a file containing route in /etc/rc2.d like S100route
The default route is set in this way 
as root 
#route add default 
if your default gateway is 172.18,1.1 
By typing the command this route is not permanent. 
to maintain the route after a reboot, you must edit the file 
/etc/defaultrouter contains only the IP address of the gateway. 
[root@rntcds00 /]# cat /etc/defaultrouter 
[root@rntcds00 /]# 


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