Friday, June 15, 2012

Can't Print to Laser Printer from Solaris 9

I can't print (simple text file) to a Samsung ML-2550 laser printer from our Solaris 9 server running on a Sunfire v240. We're able to print from our Windows network to the printer and from old SunOS machines to the printer. The printer has its own network card. Here were the commands used to set up this printer in Solaris: 

lpset -a bsdaddr=sunfire,betty_laser,Solaris betty_laser 
lpset -a description=?Betty Laser? betty_laser 
lpadmin -p betty_laser -v /dev/null -m netstandard -o dest¾tty_laser 
enable betty_laser 
accept betty_laser 

Here is the entry in /etc/printers.conf: 
:description¾ttys Laser: 

Here is the entry in /etc/hosts: betty_laser 

Here is the file listing in /etc/lp/interfaces: 
-rwxrwxr-x 1 lp lp 15238 Mar 3 17:13 betty_laser 

Here is the error message from lpq: 
# lpq -Pbetty_laser 
Warning: betty_laser is down: exec exit fault 
Rank Owner Job File(s) Total Size 
1st root 14544 14544-1 114 bytes 

Here is the status in lpc: 
lpc> status betty_laser 
queueing is enabled 
printing is enabled 
1 entry in spool area 
waiting for betty_laser to become ready (offline?) 

Here is the lpstat -p output: 

# lpstat -p betty_laser 
printer betty_laser waiting for auto-retry. available. 
exec exit fault 

I've run lpshut and /usr/lib/lpsched to restart the printer service. I've rebooted both the printer and the Solaris box. I've run lpc stop/start and down/up. No change in above messages. 

Any suggestions?
It's been a few years ago but I remember the quick fix to get printes working was to use the gui tool to install a dummy printer and then delete it. After doing this remote printing would start working.
Check whether the printer service is enabled or diasbled: 
the command is svcs -a | grep lpr
This is Solaris 9, no SMF yet (first was introduced in Solaris 10) - so 
'svcs -a' will not work... 

It was long time ago, but lpstat -t should give to you status of all 
printers (also check which command printer package uses: pkgchk -v 
SUNWlpr (and SUNWlpu) - i think these are names of the packages) 
# lpstat -p betty_laser 
printer betty_laser waiting for auto-retry. available. 
exec exit fault 

One other piece of data is that we can print to all our other printers just 
fine from this Solaris box. And we can print to this printer just fine from 
other computers. So there must be something about this specific printer and 
it's setup on Solaris that is causing this problem. 


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