Monday, June 11, 2012

Exit from cde on solaris 10

I logged into my sunfire v215 sparc server running solaris 10 as a dbadmin for the first time and i choose to use the common desktop. Now I don't want to use the cde anymore and wish to go back to the command prompt but don't know how. 

Can anyone out there heeeelp? It's urgent. Thank you very much

disabled 10:14:58 svc:/application/gdm2-login:default 
online 10:16:02 svc:/network/rpc/cde-calendar-manager:default 
online 10:16:02 svc:/network/rpc/cde-ttdbserver:tcp 
online 10:16:02 svc:/network/cde-spc:default 
online 10:26:20 svc:/application/graphical-login/cde-login:default 
online 10:26:20 svc:/application/cde-printinfo:default
As i remember correctly this can be done vi /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig off command 
to disable X from start automaticaly and /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig kill to kill 
the current X session
Second (-d) and third (-kill) are respectably to disable and kill 
I think in login screen , we have some options button from there u can change i think 
plz correct me if i am wrong
Why not just open up an xterm or dtterm to get to the command line? 

may i ask for result of this commandliners: 
svcs -a | egrep "(cde|gdm)" 

I have no Solaris 10 box next to me here... 

thanks. I would do a: 
svcadm disable svc:/application/graphical-login/cde-login:default 

in order to STOP window manager and LEAVE graphical environment, leaving 
only console terminal available. 
This is the result of running X on Solaris 10 
# svcs -a | egrep "(cde|gdm)" 
disabled 21:22:20 svc:/application/gdm2-login:default 
online 21:22:48 svc:/network/rpc/cde-calendar-manager:default 
online 21:22:48 svc:/network/rpc/cde-ttdbserver:tcp 
online 21:22:49 svc:/network/cde-spc:default 
online 21:22:56 svc:/application/graphical-login/cde-login:default 
online 21:22:57 svc:/application/cde-printinfo:default 

but my memory tell me the way to stop/start graphical login screen is (make a little correction from my previous post) 
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -e for enable 
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d for enable 
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill for enable 


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