Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How mount an NFS form a Global Zone to non Global Zone in the same container while booting

I Need to mount a NFS from a Global Zone to the inside nonglobal zone while booting.If do a manual mount in the Non global zone its getting mounted .How I can Put it in the VFSTAB of the non global zone as I want the NFS to be mounted every time the system boots .

this goes in /etc/vfstab on client 
<DNS resolved servername or ip>:<directory/shared> - </wherever/you/want/to/mount> nfs - yes rw 

I don't believe procedure is any different from when you mount on a different physical system.
Using zonecfg you can mount a filesystem from the global zone to a local zone using lofs. 
Nice thing is that it's faster than NFS, among other benefits. refer zonecfg man page.


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