Monday, June 4, 2012

How to identify the global and nonglobal zones

Hi Experts, 

I am new to Solaris 10, if a listing the zones like #zoneadm list -cv 
it will display the zones and its state. how to identiy the global and non global zones in the list. 

The global one will be called global. The rest are non globals. 

Global zone will be having zone id 0
You are in zone (nonglobal), just login in global zone and execute command again 
#zonename or zoneadm -z zonename will show you are which zone either global 
zone or non global zone.
then how to find global id.., 

bash-3.00# zoneadm list -cv 
1 testzone running / 
  zoneadm list -ivc (This command lists all installed zones, either Global or Non-Global) 

# format (Non-Global-zone does not return any value for the format command) 

# prtdiag -v (Non-Global-zone does not return any value for the prtdiag command) 
  Snoop return error too in nonglobal zone i.e. you cant use it  
  hi , 

#arp -a 

type this command, you will find number of non globel zone. 
The following command will list all available zones: 
zonemgr -a list  


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