Monday, June 18, 2012

Installing Filezilla in solaris

How do i install filezilla into my solaris 10 sun server? Secondly, is there a way i can use my win vista laptop to connect to the server and do the installation? 

For installing solaris from laptop... try using virtual CD-ROM softwares 


filezilla is FTP client. If you need FTP server on Solaris you can set 
it using ftpconfig cmd. Use SCP instead of FTP - it is already started 
on Solaris 10 (via sshd) - and is more secure. 

For connection from Vista to Solaris use Putty (SSH client for Windows). 
Also, for copying data think of use WinSCP (also free and uses Putty Agent). 

Hope this helps. 
You can use Windows Vista laptop to connect to a serial port of a Sun server. 
If you don't have a serial port on your laptop, you'll need a USB serial port adaptor to 
connect from your USB port to a Sun server serial port. 
Then you can use some terminal emulation program, e.g. putty and connect using the 
default serial connection parameters and the COM port brought up when adaptor was 
At that point you have a console connection to a server and can do whatever you want.
  Hi, Just to know, 

Why do you want to install filezilla? Because of GUI? If no, you can use solaris own ftp client. 

About connecting to the solaris server, you can use hyperterminal including in Windows Vista or putty.  


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