Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ipfilter in solaris 10

Hi frnds, 
I need help solaris10 ipfilter. by mistake I removed the installed ipfilter pkg. now I was to install it again. I tried allot to find the .pkg file but not success. Sever is in abroad. I can't find the installation cd. Please help. 

You won't be getting ipfilter package which comes inbuilt 
with Solaris 10.You can download the following zipped tar file from the 
below link 
*Note:*In this case it will not be a package,here you should configure and 
compile the code. 

This is the only method you can go with 

I have a Solaris 9 IPfilter package,I'm not sure that work's with Solaris 
10.May be you should try it with a testing server & then proceed.If you need 
that particular Solaris 9 IPfiter package you can go to the below link & 
download it. 

*Note:*Be sure to test it in a testing Server before you proceed in a Live 
- Download the ISO of the install CD from 
- Either burn it to DVD/CD or use lofiadm to mount the image 
- look in the Solaris_10/Product/ directory for the following packages: 
system SUNWipfh IP Filter header files 
system SUNWipfr IP Filter utilities, (Root) 
system SUNWipfu IP Filter utilities, (Usr) 

Be aware that if you re-install a package that you've removed, you might 
have to re-install any patches that applied to that package. If the patch 
applied to more packaged than that one, it will appear to still be applied, 
but will only be partially applied. Also, if you install the package from a 
newer release than you have installed, it might be patched ahead of the rest 
of your system and might not function properly until the rest of the system 
is patched. 
I found some folder named SUNWIPFH SUNWIPFU SUNWIPFR in server but these 
are not .pkg, How can I use it. Actually I am not able to download the cd's 
at this movement.
hi all, 

currently I am using following solaris10 version, I need ipfilter .pkg 
because I have removed it and need to reinstall it back. I don't have 
installation cd and I can't install another version of ipfilter. If any of 
you have the same version of solaris10 cd then please send to me. I tried 
allot to search it on google but not success. 

SunOS hostname 5.10 Generic_139555-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V240

you have mounted it (probably) under windows/copied from windoows to 
server and uppercase mapping will prevent good package installation. 

So, i suggest to find CD and mount it on any unix. 
How exactly did you remove the IPFilter package and are you sure that it 
has actually been removed? 

If the Solaris 10 IPFilter service was enabled and prior to its removal 
then you should be seeing service status error messages referring to 
IPFilter and probably other network services (eg; 
svc:/network/physical:default) and maybe some kernel related error 
messages. What is the output of svcs -xv? 

Solaris packages are usually installed by using :- 

# pkgadd -d /path-to-package/package-name 

But you should at least read the pkgadd man page before using any of the 
pkgXXX administrative binaries. 

Concerning the latest release of Solaris 10 (ie; Sol 10 U8 Oct/2009) and 
the Solaris specific implementation of IPFilter you should also read the 
following SunSolve patch security related info at :- 

http://sunsolve.sun.com/search/document.do?assetke y =1-66-274710-1 

Other useful info is available at :- 

http://www.phildev.net/ipf/ and http://coombs.anu.edu.au/~avalon/ 

NB; The Solaris 10 IPFilter package is not identical to the generic 
IPFilter package (refer to the above links). 


Also note that since the publication of a security problem with one or 
more Solaris 10 U8 IPFilter patches there has of course been an 
"cat /etc/release" will tell you which Solaris release you installed. The 
output from "uname -a" only shows the latest kernel patch you have 
installed. Why can't you download the CD from Sun? 
thanks to reply, I installed the other version ipfilter, but I was not able 
to download the CD. 


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