Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Load Balancing on SPARC

We are using Sun V245 servers with dual CPU in our environment. Each one function as WEB, DB, APP and BI systems. Is it possible to Load Balance between CPUs within each system? We seem to see one CPU peg and the other only have nominal load.

The operating system usually does this for you so if the system runs as you say its an indication that the application hogging the CPU is single threaded and cant use two so anything else that needs to run runs on the other CPU. 
In Solaris you can peg processes to CPU's using pbind and processor_bind but I dont think this will help your case. 
As normal your application must have compliance of this pbind usage. 

This can be done by diffrent ways, If your OS running S10, then you can use zone,projects...


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