Monday, June 4, 2012

lom sunfire-v100 ip-address

I have the same problem. Any ideas?

Can you explain in details...what the exact issue ur facing?

sunfire v100 

model 100 
hostname unknown0-v100 
power-on-decline off 
power-on-delay off 
ip-address not set 
ip-netmask not set 
ip-gateway not set 
bootmode normal 
rsc-security on 
event-reporting on 
Time since last boot: +0h58m59s 

LOM version: v3.12 
LOM checksum: 6a3e 
LOM firmware part# 258-7871-18 
Microcontroller: H8/3437S 
LOM firmware build Feb 21 2002 13:57:04 
Configuration rev. v1.4 

how can i set ip-addres, ip-netmask and ip-gateway? 

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