Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Message overflow

Hi All, 

I am having a problem trying to re-install a domain using flash archive and getting error "message overflow on /dev/log minor#5 -- is syslogd(1M) running?" Any suggetions, please help. Thanking you all in advance

Something is writing to /dev/log which is normally read by the syslog 
daemon, which then dumps the log messages wherever syslog.conf tells it to. 
If syslogd is not running, messages will queue in /dev/log up to some limit, 
at which point no new messages are accepted. When no more messages are being 
accepted, then you get that "message overflow" message. 

Is syslogd running? If not, start it, and review the syslog messages to find 
out what's going on. 
Thanks for the reply Brian, I have found the problem. I have searched on Google and found that the problem was the missing -o anon=0 on the NFS share. Isaac


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