Sunday, June 10, 2012

NFS problem on Sunfire V240

Hi all, 
i get this message on my server : 

NFS server vip-fs-OAM not responding still 

that leads to a stop of service 

I need help 
Any help will be usefull 
Looks like your server has lost contact with the machine called vip-fs-OAM and it either has a share mounted from it or is trying to mount a share from it. 

Can you ping this server ? 

If you dont need the share then comment it out of /etc/vfstab and it should now boot cleanly. 
Have you tried to manually connect to the server to ensure that the server is available. Is nfs server running? What version of Solaris are you using? 

Run "showmount -a" to see if there are any active connections.


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