Monday, June 11, 2012

prng issue in solaris8

hi frnd I am in new problem, My solais bos was rebooted due to power failure, When it comes up it has not started sshd service , I start it manually but it is not able to run ssh command. It gives error as below: 

PRNG is not seeded 

I am not able to understand which service has not been started. or what's going wrong. Please help 
Try installing the random number generator patch. The latest version is 112438-03 
The will create /dev/random 

Hi ashukaul, there is no any file /var/log/messages in solaris8.
I apologize it's /var/adm/messages as it's solaris, provided you the 
messages file location for linux.:-) . (But you can use any files that has 
some significant amount of data and redirect it to prngd-seed and then try 
running the below command 
the concept it that it should be able to generate random number. As ssh was 
already running I am assuming all kernel and relevant pkgs to be installed. 


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