Friday, June 15, 2012

Problems with mailx in solaris with domains, unknown or illegal alias

People i have 2 servers with solaris 10, a webserver and a mailserver. 

What i need to do is to send a mail inside the webserver to the domain company. 
In the webserver when i use: mailx -v -s TEST email@removed 
This works fine and the mail is send. 

But when i try to send a mail to someone inside the company: mailx -v -s TEST email@removed 
The mail is not send, any idea? the output of the verbose is: 

550 5.5.1 unknown or illegal alias email@removed 

The hosts of 2 solaris are this and 

Please if anybody cant help me where to look or what to touch. 
you need to create an alias for "email" . What is removed ( It is 
normal a host). Do a "man alias" 

gelsies i dont complete to understand your answer, i do what you told: 

The test for sombady outside the company 
sendmail -bv email@removed < /dev/null 
email@removed ... deliverable: mailser esmtp, host, user email@removed 

The test for sombady inside the company 
email@removed ... deliverable: mailer esmtp, host, user email@removed 

i see everthing fine. Any suggestion? 
thank you very much for your time.


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