Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Raid 0+1

How do I set up Raid 0 + 1 on Veritas Volume Manager?

prety easy 

the command is vxassitst 
# vxassiat -g <diskgroup> -U fsgen make <volume name> <size> 
layout=stripe-mirror stripewidth=32k disk01 disk02 disk03
First startup vm 
then pick the drives you want to use.

Do you want 0+1 or 1+0? In the case of 0+1, loss of a disk will cause one of 
the plexes to fail completely. You must rebuild the plex by hand, then 
reconnect the mirror. With 1+0, you have to lose 2 disks in a plex to suffer 
data loss (assuming no hot spares exist). 
layout should be in reverse that is to construct 0 1 then syntax like the below 

#vxassist -g >dgname> <Vol name> size layout=mirror-stripe srtipewidth2k ncolmn=2 disk01 disk02 disk03 

in the above eg raid will take only 2 disks with effect of ncolmn option


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