Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Replace a mirrored root disk in SVM on X4440

Hello friends, 

Is there a different procedure to replace a failed mirrored root disk 
under SVM control on X86 (x4440) Sun box running solaris 10. 
If yes what is the procedure? 

checkout metareplace

no difference same as on sparc
what you mean by different procedure..?
Well,like deleting the stale database replicas,detach and clear failed 
submirrors and then replace the disk.After replacing the disk run 
cfgadm,prtvtoc n fmthard to copy n partition the disk,create new database 
replicas and initialize new submirrors. 
I was just wondering if this is the same case with disks under STK raid 
control for sun x86 box. 
Anyway I have followed the same procedure mentioned above and it worked!! 
Thanks for the responses. 
Obsolutely right procedure. Keep in mind about the replicas %, 
SVM working under beyond the Solaris Kernel not to STK RAID.


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