Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Resetting sc password


How can reset SC password on T2000 and T1000 Machine from OS prompt. Like in V215 we have "scadm" which helps us to reset it. 

This should do it 
#cd /usr/platform/`uname -i`/ 
#scadm userpassword admin 
*Hi follow this procedure, hope it will work* 

* 1. Make a connection to the ALOM serial management port.* 

* 2. Power cycle the system by unplugging the server's power supplies, 
waiting several 
seconds and then plugging the power supplies back in.* 

* 3. You should see the ALOM booting on the serial management console. Hit 
"Esc" (the Escape key) 
during the ALOM boot, before or at the point: "Return to Boot Monitor 
for Handshake" 

This will cause the system to produce the message: "Return to Boot 
Monitor for Handshake ESC keypress detected."* 

* 4. ALOM will now enter the "ALOM boot escape menu" and the following will 
be displayed: 

ALOM Menu 

e - Erase ALOM NVRAM. 
m - Run POST Menu. 
R - Reset ALOM. 
r - Return to bootmon. 
Your selection: 

* 5. To clear out the existing password you must choose 'e' to erase the 
After using the 'e' option to erase the NVRAM choose the 'r' option to 
resume the ALOM boot. 
You will automatically be logged in as user 'admin' with no password and 
no permissions. 
The NVRAM settings will be reset to their factory defaults. 
Note that since this procedure resets the NVRAM settings to their 
defaults any customization 
(such as the ALOM network settings) will need to be recreated.* 

I don't find scadm in T1000 and T2000 Machine. But yes I was able to do it on V215 and V240 machine.

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