Monday, June 4, 2012

SERIAL cable connection to v480

no response when at ok prompt. C onnected to xp hyperterminal to sunfire v480, but I don't get any response at the Ok prompt. If i type printenv or anything nothing is returned. settings are as follows - 9600 baud, 8-N-1

Are you connected to the serial port of the server or the RSC card? One 
of the two will give you a response depending on where console/keyboard 
is set for output. Most likely the keyboard is not set to whatever port 
you are connected to. Have you already set up the RSC or is this a new 
install of the hardware?
I am connected to the serial port, and I see the system coming up. How do I set the keyboard to the port. I am using the keyboard from the XP desktop. And when I connect the keyboard to the server the same thing happens
If the problem is with the CABLE how come I can see all the diagnostic messages as the server boots up. I will buy 
another serial cable but i just don't think that is the answer
Setup the FLOW CONTROL to NONE, after creating the terminal session, edit the properties (FILE, PROPERTIES) in the SETTINGS tab. Change your Terminal Emulation to VT100

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