Friday, June 15, 2012

Solaris 10 SMF - when I do a ps -ef |grep inetd , it still shows inetd start

In SOlaris 9 for eg, inside the /etc/init.d/inetsvc file, 
you can set the tcp tracing by going to the last line and adding the following as :- 
inetd -s -t & 

In Solaris 10, I know we can use the svccfg to do it or with the inetadm command. 
When I use inetadm -m command to set the tcp tracing TRUE, the command accepts. But when I do a ps -ef |grep inetd , it still shows "inetd start". 
But in Solaris 9,if did ps -ef |grep inetd, it shows "inetd -s -t". 
I even restarted the inetd in Solaris 10 and checked. No improvement. 
Need advise. Thanks
The process as shown by ps -ef will not change. Is the tracing working? What 
does "inetadm -p | grep trace" show? Depending on what patch level of 
Solaris 10 you are at, you might have to change the tracing in 
/etc/default/inetd. Check your man pages for inetd. If it says 
/etc/default/inetd is deprecated, then use the "inetadm -m" command. If it 
doesn't say it deprecated, edit /etc/default/inetd, and restart inetd.


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