Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Solaris 8 support options - vintage patch service vs. standard OS support contract

We still run Solaris 8. An informix upgrade is requiring we 

Install the recommended patch cluster for our OS, or 8_Recommended.zip. 

We currently have no support contract with SUN. Reading on Sunsolve it appears we may need Vintage Patch Service for Solaris 8, as that patch cluster is dated 4/24/09, or after the 4/1/09 deadline for getting patches w/o the Vintage service. 


NAME: Solaris 8 SPARC Recommended Patch Cluster 
DATE: Apr/24/09 

That vintage patch contract is $$$. My local reseller says with a standard support contract for Solaris 10 (much less $) we should be able to download the recommended patch cluster for our OS, or 8_Recommended.zip. He says he can... 

Anyone have any experience with the same issue or similar? Hate to pay $$$ when I could pay $ and have ongoing support if we ever want to upgrade to 9 or 10. Any help appreciated..

We have support for Solaris 10, and I am still able to access the 
Solaris 8 Recommended Patch Cluster 
(Apr 24 2009), which was the last cluster released for Solaris 8 
Of course, there would be no support for these patches without the 
Vintage service.
If possible, now is the time to upgrade to solaris 9 or 10, since 8 is 
bareley supported and it will be very expensive soon as it will soon not be 
supported without the more expensive support agreement, vs standard support


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