Monday, June 11, 2012

Solaris NFS Share


How to prevent access to a nfs share directory for a particular user?? 

ie I'm sharing a directory from server A and mounting the same in the nfs client B 
Now in the server B i want to prevent access to a particular user to that share however rest all should have all permissions. 

Hope thi is not a stupid question. 

many thanks in advance...
give share -F nfs ro=<file> <particular user/ip> in etc/dfs/dfstab file

restrict this particular user from using the mount command that's it
through ACL we can do..
Add an entry in /etc/vfstab for the mounter dir and add acl in the options. 
For the user you want to restrict, set permission to --- 
ex:- if u want to restrict user u1 for the folder f1 
setfacl -m -u:u1:--- f1


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