Monday, June 4, 2012

Sun ultra 60 not booting

I was not able to login , so manually i checked the machine was in hung state. Nothing was on the monitor. The keyboard was not responding. so i need to hard boot the machine. After booting i could the banner and initializing memory. But it is getting stuck at this place. I even tried to power off the machine and waited for some time and then powered on the machine. Still it gets stuck after memory initialization. One more error i am getting that is "fatal scsi error at script address 8 illegal instruction", then it gets stuck. I also tried plugging out the harddisk and after waiting for some time, plugged the hard disk and powered the machine. Still the condition was and the same error was displayed. 
The machine has lot of data. That i want to recover. Please let me know , how to resolv this issue. 
There is no mirror. Only one disk. Please guide me 

Do Max post, check for any errors, 
Ensure the the Scsi cables are tightend,refixed, Boot from the cdrom as suggest and do the rest recovery procedure.
I think it's a disk trouble. Try to boot by mirror
If you have other disk, boot the system throught that and try to mount 
respective slice from your previous disk. 
Since even system is not succeeding basic memory/hardware testing ,log a 
call with hardware vendor (sun) and get the faulty memory/hardware 
Boot from CDROM and mount the disk at /a. Booting from CDROM will tell you if your system is having problems or your disk is the problem. If it boots from CDROM, system is fine and disk is bad. If it doesn't boot, system has a problem.
first u try to boot the following command 
stop ur machine/server at OK prompt by pressing StopA key and boot it with 
the following command 

ok boot -sv 

and send me the last screenshot or last line message where it hung. 
ur quick response is highly appreciated. 


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