Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What kernel parameter for setting multi UDP port?

I want to set multi UDP port at a time, in Solaris10. 
From above document, I think it's possible to do that. 
But I don't know the parameter.... Please teach me. 

Note, you cannot use the security functions / NFS4 over UDP, it will force 
you to use NFSv2 or NFSv3. 
The document refers you to http://dlc.sun.com/pdf/817-0404/817-0404.pdf See 
chapter 3, NFS Tunable Parameters. 
There are a number of kernel parameters you may wish to work with when 
attempting to make things work with only UDP. Remember, these are not able 
to be changed on the fly, require a reboot after /etc/system is modified, 
for them to take effect. Very few people will try to implement NFS over 
UDP. Access performance will be slow and limited, as the largest packet 
size is 64K, including the header info. UDP is also very unreliable, as 
those packets may get dropped, requiring re-transmission, if the system gets 
very busy, which won't yield very good performance. 
Notice on the tunables, most state unstable for commitment level. 
If you don't have to use UDP, use TCP, as it's faster, reliable, and known 
to work without major problems.
I use NFS v3 now. As you know, the performance is sllow... But I need to use NFS via UDP not TCP. 
I checked the pdf. Certainly, I found some parameter about UDP. But there is not ones for changing the number of reserved port. I want to set multi port. 

In default, the following 2 port are present reserved port. 
# ndd /dev/udp udp_extra_priv_ports 

I think it's possible to add another port with "udp_extra_priv_ports_add" parameter. 
To add 11161 port..... 

# ndd -set /dev/udp udp_extra_priv_ports_add 11161 
# ndd /dev/udp udp_extra_priv_ports 
11161 <- 

Is this handling correct??? I have no idea any more..... 
I would suggest that you open a ticket with Sun support for further official 
assistance. I'm sure they've set it up and tested it someplace, with 
helpful suggestions for best practice for how to set it up properly. 
Of course, after you get the answer, it would be good to share your 
discovery, for the rest of us, and future people to find.
  I got tha way of setting multi UDP port @Solaris 10 from Sun. 
Set the following parameter in /etc/system and reboot the system. 

set rpcmod:clnt_clts_do_bindresvport=0  


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