Sunday, July 8, 2012

after typing login name the error appears

Solaris 5.6 is installed on sun 280R. When ever i type root , it immediately gives message as login incorrect. I have not even typed the password, only i have typed the login name as "root" and pressed enter, immediately is shows login incorrect. 

I'm not familiar with 5.6 (I use 5.8 at work and 10 at home), but I'll 
take a shot at something... 

Can other users log in normally? If so, the system is probably 
configured to disallow root login except in single user mode (boot -s). 
If you need root access without single-user, then log in as a normal 
user and su... 
Are you logging in via the graphical login or to a console? If it's graphical, you may have set read only permissions on / or some other file system setting may be wrong. If you're on the console, then something is wrong with /etc/password or the files/directories referenced there for root. Maybe the shell was changed to something that isn't there or the root directory was changed but the directory never created (you see this often when Linux admins are using Solaris). 

Are you local or remote? if you're remote you need to relax a security setting. Specifically you need to uncomment the line CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/login 

Look at the file /etc/default/login for the setting. 

If you're at the console using a text based login, you'll need to boot from CD, mount the disk and look over all of this stuff. 
After booting the machine using sun CD, and mounting the root partition on 
/a, I have found that the root entry in /etc/passwd file is changed. Instead 
of :x: i can see the encrypted password between two colons. And there is no 
encrypted passwd in /etc/shadow file. So what i did is i edit the 
/etc/passwd file and put an :x: in place of the encrypted passwd. Then i 
unmounted the /a and rebooted. But again i am facing the same error " 
incorrect login" 

Please remember , I cannot reinstall the OS, as it is very old machine and 
development team want to retain it. 


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