Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can I install VCS and practice in installed solaris 10 in VMware on intel?

I have installed solaris 10 on intel x86, can i install VCS on solaris which is installed on vmware. If anyone have any idea or have any link of vcs software which can support for installed solaris on VMware Thank you very much in advance....

Go to http://sunfreeware.com/programlistintel10.html#sub version4 and install 
the software. After this read the documentation you can find here: 
I have one running with 4g of ram and 4 cores with AMD and vmware server 2.0. Each VM has assigned 1.5G of RAM with two cores. 

Successful installed solaris 10 ( with some tweaks ) and VCS with a license that someone ...emm ....err....well, I have a license from somewhere =) and its running perfect. One thing to notice is the use of shared scsi to configure your shared storage, you can do it with vmware server and shared scsi 
In your vm configuration, you should put something like: 

disk.locking = "FALSE" 
scsi1.sharedBus = "VIRTUAL" 

That is for your scsi1 on each node ( you can do it on each virtual scsi controller). 
Once you create the first disk , create it as "permanent" on the first node and assign the whole space to it. 
On the second node pick up that one that you already created. 
Adding the above to the configuration will allow you to see the disk on both nodes at the same time =). The first time when I saw it I was totally impressed seeing the disks on each node. 


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