Sunday, July 1, 2012

CD writing SPARC solaris

I have a sparc v480 and i wanted to install vmware which i 
downloaded from their site. in order to run it i need to burn the 
image so i can boot the sparc with it, unfortunately i have just 
discovered my sparc doesn't have a cd-writer, only reader. 
Hence ma problem, is there anyway i can burn a cd on an x86 and read 
it on ma sparc v480, ma dilemma is i don have any other sparc i can 
use to burn the image, and if i use a cd burned from x86, i get 

{2} ok boot cdrom 
Boot device: /pci@8,700000/ide@6/cdrom@0,0:f File and args: 
Bad magic number in disk label 
Can't open disk label package 

Hope there is a way out for me. 
thanks in advance

You can burn image on any platform... Should work. 

It this is very OLD DVD/CD drive, then there is big possibility that it 
cannot read home made media... 

In that case, i suggest NFS share of structure with vmware installation 
Or you can copy ISOO image (i guess it is iso?) and use lofiadm to mount 
it (as FS): 

lofiadm -a /path/to/ISO 
mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt 

I assume that you have no ISO mounted (so /dev/lofi/1 is 1st device - 
anyway use output from lofiadm -a command as device) 
Also, replace /mnt with any mount point you can use ... 

Then you will have mounted ISO so you can do: 

cd /mnt/ 
./install # blah, blah 

I'm afraid that you can't run VMware on SPARC hardware. You can run 
Solaris for x86 within a VMware machine, but you can't run VMware on 

Sun provide Solaris Containers/Zones for Solaris virtualisation on SPARC 
and x86, but you won't ever be able to run VMware on SPARC. 

Oh, interesting fact, i have looked at zones and worked with them, only i didn't like the redundancy they introduce, i.e. primary zone dependency, hence wanted to try VMware. will try it on an x86, my only problem i cant seem to get any machine with a compatible network according to the VMWare HCL. will keep trying 
  Make sure you burn the SPARC version. A CDrom is a CDROM, more specifically, in this case a CDROM is a disk following the High Sierra format or the ISO 9660 format. CDROM shipped by Sun aren't burned on SPARC machines at the factory. That service was contracted out. 

I burn all my disks on Solaris x86 machines, whether they are for SPARC,x86 ,Linux or even Windows 

Are you using mkisofs+cdrecord, cdrw, growisofs or some other combination of software? 

This procedure used to be tricky, all you need now is the correct iso-image. I'd re-check and make sure you have the correct image. Also you can mount the image on the SPARC machine vi lofi 

as root 

lofiadm -a /path-to-iso-image ( note this must be the full pathname, not a relative path) 

lofiadm will spit out a path (usually /dev/lofi/1) 

mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt (or wherever you want to mount the image) 

You should see the slices for a bootable SPARC cd 

I believe you found this out earlier, VMware only runs on the x86 instruction set, meaning it won't work on SPARC, you might try zones. I'm not aware of a Type 1 hypervisor that runs on SPARC. You'll need to use Zones. 


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