Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Network and Users Administration - Solaris 10

Hi everyone, 

I am NEW to Solaris 10, however I came from the Ubuntu users' group. 
To my dismay I realized that setting up Solaris 10 is a bit more granular in the configuration process than any other machine I have worked on before. Does anyone have a write up or link to a place where I can find how to do the following: (A) create a user, group and directory with its proper rights -- in ubuntu all i had to do is useradd. (B) Configure my network to be fully functional. RIght now, I can only see my internal network however I can't get to the internet. Ubuntu had an app that allowed to enter the IP address, Network Mask and gateway, and VIOLA, everything else worked. Under Solaris, that isn't happening. If I reboot, I loose my address. 

Everytime I get into the system I have to: 
ifconfig -a plumb up, 
ifconfig -a, 
ifconfig (NIC) dhcp or ifconfig (NIC) IPadd * broadcast * netmask * plumb up, and even then, I can't get to the internet!! 
You will want to state if you have Solaris on Sparc or Open Solaris on an 
I believe it is the later. Open Solaris may not have many of the older 
network cards defined. The same would be true for Solaris x86 (Oracle 
Supported Now) If you are using Open Solaris, there is an website at 
Start there to find out if your network card is supported.
Okay, for a basic interace/P setup, If I remember this correctly, on startup the system reads /etc/nodename uses this to find the IP in /etc/hosts then looks at /etc/hostname.<interface> to determine which interface to use. Then /etc/netmask and /etc/defaultrouter are used to finish up the configuration. 

After that, each /etc/hostname.<interface> gets it's IP from /etc/hosts and /etc/netmask and an "add route" may need to be scripted. 

However, if your using DHCP, make sure that /etc/nodename exists on bootup and DHCP will set the rest up for you. 


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