Sunday, July 1, 2012

Performance issue

We are using 2 solaris 9/10 servers for running JCAPS 6. one of the server is working fine but in another server we are facing performance issue (i.e. once the repository and the app server is up and running the JCAPS is taking 50% of the CPU usage and because of this the server is slow and we couldn't able to work on that. Solaris 9 is used ) 
The same installation has been done in another server but its working fine and there is no problem in that. Solaris 10.
What is the hardware type for both? 
This may be the reason one is on sol9 and one is on sol 10. 
You can check with ptree command 
HI, I want to know what are the performance related things that we need to check on our solaris boxes, for CPU, DISK and MEMORY. and is there any logs that is collected so that I can check a week ago logs etc


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