Sunday, July 1, 2012

settfacl (significance of mask)

HI I was working with setfacl on solaris 10. Just wanted to understand how "mask " plays role in effective permission. How is gets calculated actually, a small example would be a great help

Thank you very much for the explanation.. I was trying to set the ACL on one file but its giving me some error.. "use only 1 colon for mask and other entries." root # setfacl -s user::rw-,group::rwx,o::rwx,user:me:rw-, mask:r- setfa use only 1 colon for mask and other entries. 
Try on this way: 
setfacl -s user::rw-,group::rwx,other::rwx,user:me:rw-,mask:r- 
w/o any spaces and other instead of just o
mask used to set maximum permissions for other users (other than owner) . Take a example, if mask permissions is set as r-- and we give group permissions as rw-, then also effective group permissions would be r-- as maximum permissions allowed to other users is r--


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