Sunday, July 1, 2012

Solaris 10 and Oracle 10G Installation

We are having some problems installing Oracle 10G under our Solaris X86 10 box. 
For some reason, the installation aborts midway with an out of memory error. 
We have already changed the Kernel parameters to reflect the 4gigs needed. 
We have already created the oracle user and the orainstall group. 
Anyone has any ideas about solving this issues!! 
And what is exactly the error and what are the exact values of kernel parameters?

What are the java heap parameters set to. When the install runs look at the 
command being run . 

Second check ulimit parameters 
Thank you all for your input. 
I took a different approach to the installation. 
Here is what I did: 
Follow Oracle's instructions for install. 
Created a resources project for the oracle user. (still can't understand why projects, what is the purpose of them). 
Went into the smc & and double checked the entries for the new oracle project. 
Added the user oracle to the project. 
And Viola! The install worked. 
Just 3 days after, and several re-installs. 
In Solaris 10, you do not need to setup most of the parameters for installing Oracle like in Solaris 9. However, you will most likely need to setup a "project" for the oracle user in order to allocate sufficient memory. Without a project, Solaris will only allocate about 25% of the physical memory on the box for any user. If you have a Solaris 10 box with 16GB of memory and you want to startup an Oracle database that has more than 4GB (in the SGA_max_size init parameter), you must have a project for the oracle user or you will get "out-of-memory" errors. If you have more than one instance on the server, make sure the project has enough memory allocated for the total of all of the SGA_max_size parameters from all of the instances. 

Run the command "projects -l" and see if you have a If not, create one by using the command: 
# projadd -p 103 -U oracle -G oraclegroup -K "project.max-shm-memory=(priv,8GB,deny)" 

After creating the project, there is no need to reboot - just logging in as the oracle user picks up the project settings. You can also limit/allocate other resources such as CPU by using projects. 


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