Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Solaris 10 - DNS Issues

Hi everyone, 

I still have problems getting my Solaris 10 to talk to the internet. 

I can ping internally, I can ping IP addresses in the cloud, however, I can 
resolve names to IP address. 

Below is my set up: 

Network Topology: 

DSL -> DSL-Modem -> WiFi Router -> Solaris Box 

Solaris /ETC/ Files 




# Internet host table 

::1 localhost localhost vsolaris loghost 




passwd: files 

group: files 

hosts: files 

ipnodes: files 

networks: files 

protocols: files 

rpc: files 

ethers: files 

netmasks: files 

bootparams: files 

publickey: files 











What am I missing? 

Also, when I fire up the machine, my network card is dead. 

I have to bring it up manually every single time!! 

try this: 

a) NS conf file, modify hosts line (pfexec vi /etc/nsswitch.conf): 
hosts: files dns 

b) you are missing default gateway setup (pfexec vi /etc/defaultrouter), 

c) for network card problem, paste few lines from /var/adm/messages 
related to it (iprb0)... 
I added the "dns" entry to the host's line. 

The default router was already in place. 

The /var/adm/messages was empty. No entries for the network card. 

Any other ideas? 
try this in your nswitch.conf host's line: 

hosts: dns files

More Information:


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