Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Solaris 10 - Remote Desktop

I have a co-worker that needs to get to my Solaris box from a windows system. My Solaris box is behind a DSL router and my co-worker's windows box is outside my network. VNC will not do the job since it will not handle NAT. 
Any suggestions!!!! Thank you in advance!!!

You can tunnel VNC through ssh. google it. 

All you need to do is add your LAN IP of the Solaris Box to your DMZ in the DSL Router and expose it to the internet (but make sure the box is secure first) then he can connect to it using telnet or X with an X-emmulator on his PC. <OR> The best way I've found is to download Citrix Server Software (Presentation Server for Unix) to install on the Solaris Box then he can use Citrix ICA Client to connect to Solaris Desktop. Citrix is a licensed Software product but will allow 1 connection at a time on a temporary basis. 
You can accomplish this by opening the port for VNC in your DSL 
router/firewall and access have your colleague access the box from his 
system via your DSL router's internet address and the port for VNC. 
Depending on your DSL router/firewall, there is probably an option to allow 
applications. You simply need to specify the port and the Solaris system. 
You may also want to consider a server like Dynamic DNS which provides a 
public name for your DSL connection to the internet and tracks changed made 
to your IP address by ISP. 
use Xmanager, just download it from net on your window machine and use it.
Hi there!! Thank you. The connection seems to be working fine. However, now 
Solaris won't let me log into the system. 

I tried login as root (god) thinking that I would have all the rights but no 
dice. Every time I enter the credentials, the system rejects the connection. 

I have check netstat to see if I can see my windows box and it shows 
connections established. 

I understand Solaris 10 comes bullet proof and the xtem service has to be 

Any ideas? 
Root is the user you can't use for remote logins by default. That is for security purposes. If you want to disable that feature, then you'll need to edit /etc/default/login file locally on the system you want to remote to and comment out the CONSOLE=/dev/console line. 
You may have to edit the /etc/default/system file and comment the line CONSOLE to allow root to log in directly. By default the system won't allow you to log in as root unless you're on the console.

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