Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sun Microsystems Solaris - HHDs to be installed into Sun Storage 3310

Hi All, 

I have to install 2 disk in SUN STOREDGE 3310 
Can anyone tell me all the necessary steps and precautions to take? 


There are 8 disks (8x146GB) right now in the STOREDGE 3310; they are in RAID 0 1 

I want to add 2 more (2 x 300GB). 

Question 1: Is it possible to add the 2 disk in the actual RAID? if not I will add them and do another RAID (mirror) 
Question 2: What are the steps and precaution to take for either way? 

Below is the output of sccli> show logical-drives command: 

ld0 0B4672BB 409.43GB Primary RAID1 6 0 0 Good 
Write-Policy Default StripeSize 128KB 
ld1 0C86429B 136.48GB Primary RAID1 2 0 0 Good 
Write-Policy Default StripeSize 128KB 
I would start another raid with the 300G disks access speed etc is likely different than old drives. 


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