Saturday, August 18, 2012

Help with A1000

We recently purchased a "used" A1000 that I need to add to an existing A1000 to increase our disk space. The "used" A1000 shows up when I perform a probe-scsi-all, but does not show up when I run the format command, nor does it show up in the raid management (the existing unit does show up). 

Any hints, tips or leads on documentation would be appreciated.


kernel was reconfigured during reboot? 

If no, you can do it 
A) touch /reconfigure && init 6 
B) devfsadm -C 
 have you tried a devfsadm, if you are using solaris 10 you may want to try using the cfgadm command. 
A reconfig reboot is another route to go.
You are sure it is an A1000? I have not worked with the A1000 and S10, but if memory is correct, the A1000 has a built in RAID controller. It used the RM6 software suite. The D1000 is JBOD.


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