Saturday, August 18, 2012

how we install one patch at a time in 100 servers

how can we install one patch at a time in 100 servers? is there any command to install this type.

It depends on what you have in your environment. One way is using smpatch. 
From the smpatch man page: 

Example 5 Applying Updates by Using an Update List File and 
a System List File 

# smpatch add -x idlist=/tmp/update/update_file \ 
-x mlist=/tmp/update/sys_file 

Applies the updates listed in the file 
/tmp/update/update_file to the systems listed in the file 
/tmp/update/sys_file. The updates are located in the default 
/var/sadm/spool directory on the local system. 

Also in the man page, with regards to the mlist option: 

This option is supported only if the Solaris Management 
Console and the Solaris WBEM services are running on the 
local system and any system that is specified in 


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