Saturday, August 18, 2012

Solaris 10 fresh install - No Ethernet Card Found

Solaris 10 fresh install - No Ethernet Card Found

Hi all, I just installed Solaris 10 in my x86 machine, everything looks good, except I have no ethernet card. Only loop lo0 at However, I have done the following:
1. Ran prtconf -pv and found my ethernet card:
Vendor ID: 000010ec, Device ID: 00008168.
2. Went to my /etc/driver_aliases and found that the card uses the driver rge.
Also, there is an entry for the 8169 model. So I just created another entry to map the card to the rge driver:
rge "pci10ec, 8169"
NEW: rge "pci10ec, 8168"
3. Then I went to the /boot/solaris/devicedb/master area and entered a map to relate the driver to the card:
pci10ec, 8168 pci10ec, 8168 net pci none "Realtek 8168 eth exp gig"
4. Still, if I try to get the interface recognized: ifconfig rge0 plump, the system can't see the card. Just errors out with device not found!
Am I missing something? 


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