Monday, June 24, 2013

Clone RHEL Linux from one machine to another machine but boot fail

Use Acronis True Image to clone whole disk from a Dell PE2950 to a Dell PE2850, the clone process is OK, but when first time to boot the E2850, got " kernel panic " error, have use the 1st install CD to boot into rescue mode and use mkinitrd command to rebuild the ramdisk, (kernel is and reactived the grub and modifed the grub.conf but no help, any suggestions ?
This process can be completed, but it is ill-advised. What is stopping you from reinstalling, and restoring configuration files on the new system? What prompted you to create a new initrd? 
Are you able to provide an *exact* copy of the error you're getting, along with several lines prior to that which might give us any more information at all? What you've given us is quite vague so far, and this will require more information to resolve. 
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Hi The problem has been resolved , I added the driver of dest machine into the initrd and it 

"initrd" contains some device driver for booting system for example some SCSI disks need special device driver.


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