Monday, June 24, 2013

Command to uninstall non-core perl modules

 I have installed some required modules from but now i hav to uninstall some of the modules. also i have to do it through cli only. 
..but not always. 'make uninstall' won't always work. 
Always install (among other things) perl modules as RPMs. You can either freehand it, or use something like the cpanspec utility. I use it daily and It respects the machine's site perl installation, which is great. 

If you installed by "rpm" command, you can remove it by "rpm -e" 
if you installed by (./configure; make; make install) , you can remove by 
make uninstall
Try to use CPAN shell: perl -MCPAN -E shell 
And see if you can uninstall modules. But using this way is VERY bad practice, use only RPM packages for install/uninstall modules/software/etc 


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