Friday, June 28, 2013

Fedora 6.0 LTSP - dhcp service not started

I have installed LTSP fedora 6.0. After the completion dhcp service service failed while booting time. Also I can't start the dhcpd service. When I give this service start I am getting failed only.
Have you checked in /var/log/messages?
Give an IP address from the DHCP scope to machine itself it means if you have 
specified pool range then your dhcp hosting 
machine should have eg. netmask gw, 
router addr., dns 
& restart the dhcp service.. to check the config file syntax use service 
dhcpd configtest command.. 

if syntax is ok. then fire up service dhcpd restart.. chkconfig dhcpd on
1. you should not have IP of the machine in DHCP range 
2. with this netmask you cant have this range 
3. with this mask you cant have this gateway


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