Monday, June 24, 2013

Folder protection

Hi to everyone i need to protect a folder in linux. I am using RedHat 
Enterprise Linux 5.1. The folder should not be copy, delete, rename or move 
or modify. How to set this permission please help me. Urgently required to 
protect the folder in my network. 

use *setfacl *command..<access control list
#chattr +a vishal(is a directory named) 
more information pls visit
You can change permissions by "chmod" command 
dont forget the owner and super user can do(read...) on objects
Have u tried permissions on folder i.e right click on folder - 
properties option - permissions
try SUID & SGID Special Permission 
#chmod g+s directory 
#chmod o+t directory(ownfile delete only owner user )


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