Monday, June 24, 2013

How to change squirrelMail logo

I have installed redhat as my server and i use squirrelmail as webserver to my mail, i need to change the squirrelmail logo and put my own logo, pls anybody can explain to me step by step to do it 

To change the logo of squirrelmail. 
Squirrelmail configuration file is located in: /etc/squirrelmail/ folder as 
config.php open the file and edit the logo path. 
After it Restart apache server.
1)cd /etc/squirrelmail 
2)edit(vi) config.php 
and chang line "$org_logo = SM_PATH . 'images/sm_logo.png';" 
* SquirrelMail Configuration File 
* Created using the configure script, 
global $version; 
$config_version = '1.4.0'; 
$config_use_color = 1; 
$org_name = "SquirrelMail"; 
$org_logo = SM_PATH . 'images/sm_logo.png'; 
$org_logo_width = '308'; 
$org_logo_height = '111'; 
$org_title = "SquirrelMail $version";


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