Monday, June 24, 2013

Is it possible to install Red Hat server remotely?

Hi  Is it possible to install a Redhat server from a remote site? 
Server is fresh with no IP address. 
We install RHEL remotely all of the time. We use Red Hat Satellite server and a custom boot CD ISO image. You must have one of two 
1. A new machine with a seed OS (We use Dell R710 that come with a RHEL 
seed OS factory installed). 
2. Someone to mount the custom boot CD. (Even if the machine is remote, 
there had to be someone to 'rack, stack, and cable' the server.) 
If you don't have a support contract from Red Hat, there is a open source 
clone of the Red Hat Satellite server. Check out the documentation. 

If you have ILO specility you can install remotely .


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