Monday, June 24, 2013

kernal panic

 i am facing problem in fedora 6..when i try to start luinux that time kernal panic error is coming. 
sugges me hw 2 i solve this problem.?

Many things can, and will, cause kernel panics. Everyone else is right; 
without more information, we can only guess as to what the problem is. 
On a side note, Fedora Core 6 is no longer supported anywhere. Even if 
we are able to figure out why this kernel is going in to a panic, your 
options for resolving this will be extremely limited. If this is a new 
install, I'd suggest using a more modern release, otherwise please 
provide some explanation as to why you had chosen an older release so we 
can help you a bit better. I know that a lot of proprietary software is 
often "tied" very closely to a specific release, even if it is old. 
That same software very well may be the source of these panics, as well 
- that's why it is relevant. 
if there is another problem then try this 

it will rebuild ur root file system
Being unable to mount the root partition can in fact cause a kernel panic, sure, but you would need to boot off of RedHat-based rescue media 
to be able to use the commands that you've listed. 
Labeling also assumes that you are absolutely positive about which 
partition is supposed to be the root partition - something that is not 
often known without a bit of research. 
Hi I face the similar problem, Better reinstall ur OS


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