Monday, June 24, 2013

Linux Network Problem

Hi, i'm new in linux. I'm using RHAS4. I have a problem in network. 
I can ping own IP but i cant ping the gateway and other server in the network. 
Firewall is disabled. 
Link Detected = yes (eth0) 
/etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost OVEY-PRD 
Hi, there may be problem with your network cable, check your network 
cable is fine, other possibilities make sure that the network address, 
mask address, and gateway is configured properly.  I think that you should first disable the Firewall of that system to 
which you are trying to ping. 
After that check the setting of SELINUX. It should also be disable on both sideHas the network been working before now or this is a new system you installed? 
Did you clone the system or remove the hard disk from a working system and insert it in this new one? If yes, you need to probe the hardware to detect network device in use now. 
You can try running the command: ethtool <device_name> for example ethtool eth0 
This should show some useful information like the negotiated speed, the duplex, link detected etc 
Also run the command " ifconfig -a " and be sure the netmask is set correctly check your computer with "ping" is it ok? 
can somebody ping your computer ? 
ping your computer with "ping" 
execute "ifconfig" and see carefully report, check log 
file(/var/log/messages) and search eth0 
cable/connector problem check for the subnetmask and ip range


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