Monday, June 24, 2013

list storage devices which are not displayed using fdisk -l

I would like to view the storage devices which are not visible using fdisk -l cmd in linux

What kind of storage devices do you think you have? Like tape or an HBA interface? I'd start by using the dmesg and lshal commands to probe for things like that. 
Note that 'df' and friends will only work for *mounted* filesystems. Often times external storage is presented by some method - i.e. iSCSI - but the host never *mounts* them, so they don't appear to exist at first glance. 
I think, you are using hard which is not directly connect to you computer 
are you using SAN/NAS ? 
df and dmesg give you some useful information..try /etc/mtab file which is responsible for locally mounted files


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