Friday, June 28, 2013

Mail server with Postfix and Dovecot service

I am webmaster of, That is official ministry of education sites in Iran. We use Postfix+Dovecot as mail server at 
We now have about 13000 users.But we must plan to more than five million users (students and teachers). 
We can provide very powerful servers. 
But we are concerned about software platform.Do Postfix+Dovecot service capabilities in this scale? What is your suggestion?
u can do this qmail+ Dovcot+clamd+spamassassin+hord or squirrelmail + mysql 
Or exim + courier-imap +?.

For your plan, you must gather some information like: 

1)quota per user 
2)maximum number of concurrent users.. 
3)content mgmt(checking content of emails+filters..) 
5)backup policy.. 
6)about imap or pop3 service in addition webmail 

after all............, you can choose needed 
configuration(hardware+software)create a gateway mail server and then split the mailboxes over many servers.


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