Monday, June 24, 2013

Mailserver Setup

Hi Guys,

I need help to setup POP.
I am using Linux AS 3 & but on the server which file I have to edit for enabling POP3.

You first need to install rpm imap. The configuration file is 
1st Setup IMAP from rpm I mean install IMAP-*.rpm from your CD or 
2nd open file vi /etc/xinet.d/imap and ipop3  Change disable=3Dno 
3rd restart xinetd service 
4th Start your MTA ( Sendmail or qmail or Postfix ) 
5th telnet YOUR=5FIP 25 and telnet YOUR=5FIP 110 
you will get banner of IMAP and POP server ready. 
hope it will help. 
sendmail is default mail server for Redhat 
you can setup sendmail, see the following link 
qmail is also very powerful mail server, see the following link


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