Monday, June 24, 2013

Remote access to a Linux Redhat server es3.0

I have a customer running RedHat es version 3+ 
I'm trying to connect to the server from a remote pc running windows xp-pro 
I need total access to the desktop so I may install new Hardware and Apps. 
I've heard VNC might work. I've installed vnc on my pc and on the linux server. 
I'm able to connect to other window pc's but not to my Linux server. 
Any Ideas - would be GREAT! 
Use ssh, you do not need destop access to the server to install applications or hardware 
Unless otherwise really needed, your best bet would be to administer this machine using SSH, with a client such as putty from your Windows XP machine, especially if using a low bandwidth link between the two machines. 
Generally speaking, Linux servers are not administered using any sort of GUI. 
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I am connected every day, multiple times during the day with a vnc session from my xp machine, to my Linux machine to the customers Linux machine, it works great with realy good performance, I have my clients setup to do vnc over an ssh connection, to protect the data and use a custom ssh port, so vnc to a Linux server is a great solution. Over a dial up connection I also use, ssh takes too much bandwidth to give acceptable performance and I do straight vnc to Linux. 


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